Here’s a belated Happy New Year! We’re now well into 2008 and there’s been lots of activity in technology news this year, especially with regards to the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray “format war.”Read More →

The older I get, the faster time seems to go by. I meant to do a summary of my experiences watching that special Star Trek “Menagerie” showing at a movie theater last month, but didn’t get around to doing it. So here’s a quick summary.Read More →

This week, CBS has arranged for special showings of an episode of the original Star Trek at movie theaters in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia to try to convince people to buy the new DVD sets with the remastered version of the original Star Trek TV series. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s HD Photo format is now a standard, and the OOXML format in Office 2007 may become one too.Read More →

In the news recently, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates wants to fix education and enable consumers to control access to their health data. Meanwhile, Microsoft claims that others are stealing Microsoft’s intellectual property.Read More →

Ok, so yes, I know. My web site is getting stale, even the ads on the site are probably stale. Still hoping to find some time to update it. What is big news though is that the 2007 “Transformers” movie is about to go on sale on DVD. Yes, the one that was supposed to be in theaters starting July 4, 2007 but the hype was so good they moved up the date to July 2.Read More →

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced yesterday that Toshiba has recalled another 1,400 Sony laptop batteries. Link to article. In other news, SCO has lost a lawsuit regarding Linux.Read More →